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The Department of International Chinese Education is a teaching and research branch established by the School of Chinese Language and Literature in September 2017 to develop Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, training international Chinese language teachers, and strengthening research on international education on Chinese language and culture.

At present, the research team of the Department consists of Professor Ma Dongyao, Dr. Sun Haiyan and Dr. Qiao Yun, and it is committed to the ontological study of Chinese language as a second language in teaching, the study of language acquisition and cognition, contrastive analysis, culture-contrastive research and the study of cross-cultural communication. The members of the Department actively explore fields such as the cognition of modern Chinese vocabulary and lexical-semantic typology, made achievements in the form of monographs, academic papers, and teaching material translations, and have initiated cooperative research projects with higher education and research institutions at home and abroad.

In teaching and management, the Department teaches international students in two undergraduate majors, “Chinese Language and Literature and Chinese Language and Culture. It is also responsible for coordination and management in overseas Chinese language schools. By cooperating with higher institutions abroad on literature, culture and sociology courses such as cultural creativity, media communication, translation and literary writing, and pooling multi-disciplinary teaching resources of Beijing Normal University and BNU School of Chinese Language and Literature, it aims to give international students a comprehensive understanding of Chinese language, culture and society.

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